Morper Photography - Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry

This weekend, I had the opportunity to head over to Fort McHenry in Baltimore. For those of you not familiar with US history, it was during a battle at this location in 1812 where Francis Scott Key penned a poem highlighting his observations of the battle. This poem became the Star Spangled Banner. More photographs after the jump (read more). This photograph above is also available for purchase through

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Morper Photography: New Google Maps Locations

A couple of months ago, I created a Google Map which includes the locations of where I took several of my photographs. I have updated the map to include the locations of my Stumped (Sedona, Arizona), Under the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower from the top of the Arc de Triomphe (both Paris, France).

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Pinhole Camera - Kauai Beach, Kauai 2008


Here is another one of my pinhole camera photographs I took while visiting Kauai, Hawaii. Like my earlier post, this photograph is now available for purchase in my photography collection.


Morper Photography on Google Maps

I have started "geo locating" all of my photographs. What does that mean? Basically, plotting exactly where the photograph was taken via GPS, then using the latitude and longitude settings to represent the photograph within a Google Map. So far, I have all of the pictures in my section of this site done. Click on a camera icon to see my photographs. Or click here to see a larger map.